When it comes to playing a sport or just being physically active, just play and have fun. Simple, right? Imagine if every child felt this way or even had the chance to feel this way and chance to play. Every child should have the opportunity to experience the benefits of sports – physical, social, emotional, cognitive – by simply moving their bodies on a regular basis. Imagine the benefits to communities everywhere, given research showing that adolescents who play sports are eight times more likely to be active as young adults than adolescents who do not play sports. Imagine cities that are healthier, even greener with more park space and trails.

Now imagine East Baltimore, the city that has the opportunity and ability to be a leader in providing its children access to high-quality, affordable sport activities. The time is now for a city like East Baltimore, to show other cities alike how youth sports should be presented. 


The mission of the Sports & Society Program of the Aspen Institute is to convene leaders, foster dialogue, and inspire solutions that help sport serve the public interest, with a focus on the development of healthy children and communities. The program provides a venue for thought leadership where knowledge can be deepened and breakthrough strategies explored on a range of issues.

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